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Before & After

Pictures speak louder than words. To illustrate what we are capable of doing we have installed this page for you.


We are event stylists, atmosphere creators, color managers, emotion generators, moment presenters, heart stoppers, mouth openers and the one company that allows you to be an extraordinary host at your event because we take care of everything so you can take care of your guests.


Please check out our before and after pictures. Just slide the vertical bar from side to side to see how we changed the different venues.

003 ArsFestum_Mallorca_Maricel_Vorher II.JPG
004 ArsFestum_Mallorca_Maricel_Nacher II.jpg
007 ArsFestum_Mallorca_CanSimoneta_Vorher.jpg
008 ArsFestum_Mallorca_CanSimoneta_Nacher.jpg
001 ArsFestum_Mallorca_CapRocat_vorher.jpg
002 ArsFestum_Mallorca_CapRocat_Nacher.jpg

Please check out our social media channels for even more pictures


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