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Private Parties

ARS FESTUM makes you a better host at your own party, because we will give you the one thing you don't have.


What is that? Beautifully arranged bouquets of fresh flowers? Stylish and Mediterranean-like lounge furniture?  A detail obsessed eye for all the little things your guest will talk about for ages?


No. This is what we bring. We'll give you something you cannot buy. We'll give you time. And freedom to relax.

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We have been giving time to birthday girls, boys, men and women alike. We have decorated hundreds of private parties, summer happenings, beach hangouts, dinner feasts and occasions where our customers invited their friends for a good time.


Because this is what it is all about in the end. A good time. For all the people you invite. And, of course, for you.    

wedding, Majorca, Hochzeit, Mallorca, Dekoration, decoration 10
wedding, Majorca, Hochzeit, Mallorca, Dekoration, decoration 11

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